Mahogany Flooring

Are you interested in mahogany flooring? Santos mahogany is a classic exotic hardwood which is beautiful, highly durable, and water-resistant. Santos mahogany has the same coveted characteristics as the native mahogany range, which today is nearly extinct.


Supreme hardness and strength

Santos mahogany has a Janka rating of 2,200, making it 18% harder than hickory, which is the hardest of North American hardwoods.As a result, santos mahogany is ideal for active households with children and pets, high-traffic rooms, and commercial spaces. Santos mahogany offers superb longevity, lasting more than a lifetime with proper installation and care. This makes santos mahogany flooring a smart investment for homeowners who want to avoid the constant upkeep and repairs involved with softer or lower quality flooring.


An ageless beauty

Santos mahogany hardwood ranges in color from light brown to salmon pink to reddish brown and deep burgundy. Unlike other hardwoods, the hues of santos mahogany tend to stay constant over time. The rich colors are accentuated by a distinctively fine, interlocked grain, which becomes more lustrous when polished. The colors of santos mahogany can be preserved with a good, basic cleaning once every two weeks.


Choosing A & N Flooring

A & N Flooring has the experience and expertise to advise you on and install and finish your santos mahogany flooring. We’ll talk you through the many different types, styles, widths, and colors, and we will help you choose the best combination for your project goals and budget. We’ll then focus on your high-quality installation.


Our highly-trained crew has been servicing clients from across New York for more than three decades. Today, we have hundreds of satisfied customers from all five boroughs who testify to our exceptional service.


Please contact us today to book a free consultation. We look forward to meeting with you and discussing your needs for Santos mahogany flooring.