Wood Flooring, Sanding and Refinishing

Are you in need of wood flooring, sanding, and refinishing? A & N Flooring offers expert sanding and refinishing to refresh old and worn hardwood floors, preserving their value and beauty. We can also help you achieve a fresh, new look with a new finish.

If you are unsure whether your floors needs sanding and refinishing, try sprinkling a few drops of water on the floorboards.  If the water sinks in straight away, then it might be time to call us for a sanding and refinish. Alternatively, you may want to change the appearance of your floors as part of an larger style overhaul in your home.

When you choose the expert A & N Flooring crew for wood flooring sanding and refinishing, we will first sand your floors to remove old stain, level the floorboards, and expose the wood grain. We will then coat your floor with a durable, water-resistant surface finish that requires minimal maintenance.

Surface finishes are blends of synthetic resins such as urethanes or polyurethanes, and they remain on the surface of the wood to form a protective coating. There are several types of surface finishes available: water-based, oil-based, acid-cured, and moisture-cured.

Water-based finishes appear clear and will resist turning yellow over time. They have a mild odor when applied, and will dry in about two to three hours. Water-based finishes are very durable, and they are a popular choice for wood flooring sanding and refinishing.

Oil-based finishes appear amber in color. They have a moderate odor when applied, and will dry in about eight hours. Oil-based finishes are very durable.

Acid-cured finishes appear clear to slightly amber. They have a strong odor when applied, and will dry in about two to three hours. Acid-cured finishes are extremely durable.

Moisture-cured finishes appear clear to amber. They have a strong odor when applied, and will dry in about two to three hours in humid conditions. Moisture-cured finishes are extremely durable and more moisture-resistant than other surface finishes.

A & N Flooring is a small, family-owned business which has built a reputation for excellent, reliable, and affordable service for over 35 years. For a free consultation on your wood flooring, sanding, and refinishing project, please contact us today