Amendoim Flooring

Are you looking for high-quality amendoim flooring for your home? Also known as Brazilian oak, amendoim is sought after for its elegant sunset hues, stylish swirly grain, excellent durability, and affordable price tag.


Attractiveairy color palette

Amendoim offers the lightest color range of the Brazilian hardwood floors, from a warm beige to a medium rust, with golden and pinkish highlights. These tan and rose hues are complemented by a subtly wavy grain with tight swirls and knots. Amendoim changes color over time, becoming a deeper and more uniform brown, with reddish highlights. It lends a bright and natural sophistication, ideal for both for residential rooms and commercial spaces.


Superior density

Amendoim flooring rates 1912 on the Janka hardness scale, making it harder than maple and red oak. It also offers moderate resilience against decay, and it finishes well. Amendoim is a good option for busy family rooms and areas with lots of foot traffic.


Inexpensive sophistication

Amendoim delivers the look of the most expensive hardwood floors at one of the most affordable prices.


Many options

We offer solid and engineered amendoim products in a range of widths, both unfinished and finished.


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At A & N Flooring, we have been installing amendoim flooring and other exotic hardwood floors for more than 35 years. Over that time, we’ve built a reputation for our top-tier service, knowledge, and workmanship. Whether you are a home owner, interior decorator, architect, or property manager, we’ll help you find the flooring species, width, and finish that will best meet your functional and aesthetic needs. We have the experience to handle the most complex of flooring projects, and we only use the team of expert installers that we know and trained.

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Ash Flooring

Are you seeking the pale sophistication of ash flooring? Chosen for its creamy light color palette, unique graining patterns, and durability, ash flooring lends an airiness and visual excitement to any room.


A light, white elegance

The ash color palette extends from the palest whites, which come from the tree’s sapwood, to champagne and tan, derived from the heartwood of the tree. It has a bold, consistent grain pattern which can appear as straight or more circular. Ash hold stain colors well, and most ash floors are of the lighter ash sapwood, which is complemented by a light stain.


Hard and durable

Ash flooring shares many aesthetic qualities with white oak, and has a similar hardness, ranking 1320 on the Janka hardness scale. The hardness of ash means that it is the material of choice for baseball bats and garden tool handles. In the home, ash makes an excellent flooring material for living areas, hallways, entryways, baths, and kitchens.


Talk to the hardwood experts at A & N Flooring

At our small, family-owned business, we have been installing beautiful, durable hardwood floors for more than 35 years. We know our way around all 50 species of wood flooring, and we are the go-to experts on exotic wood floor species, such as ash flooring.


Whether you want historic charm or contemporary chic, we can help you choose the best wood species, grade, and finish for your home or commercial space. We work with a broad range of clients, from general contractors to interior designers and private home owners, and we have the leading skill and experience to meet even the most difficult flooring needs. It helps that we never use sub-contractors. Instead, we only use our own team of expert installers, who we know and trained.


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Brazilian Walnut Flooring

Are you considering Brazilian walnut/ipe flooring for your home or commercial space? This dense South American timber has a similar appearance to Cumaru Brazilian teak, although it tends to be darker in color, ranging from a rust-brown to deep olive and black. It is chosen for its majestic colors and superior performance and lifespan.

One of the world’s most durable woods

Brazilian walnut or ipe ranks 3684 on the Janka hardness scale, making it one of the hardest woods available. As a result, it is also one of the longest lasting lumbers, with incredible resilience against decay, rot, and insect attack. Reclaimed ipe was even used in the Coney Island boardwalk, with some sections weathering 25 years of foot traffic and environmental onslaughts before needing to be replaced. This outstanding durability makes Brazilian walnut/ipe flooring a good choice for commercial areas, homes with big, active families and pets, and exterior decks.


Striking brown colors

Brazilian walnut derived from heartwood ranges in color from green-brown to blackish. It has natural powdery yellow deposits, and often features interesting lighter or darker striping. It has a fine to medium texture, and is generally a straight grained wood, but Brazilian walnut can also be irregular and/or interlocked.

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After 35 years in the business, our family-run company offers the highest level of knowledge and craftmanship in hardwood flooring. We know our way around all 50 species of exotic and domestic wood floors, from rich Brazilian walnut/ipe flooring to the pine flooring favored by our first settlers.

Once you’ve chosen the species, we’ll help you choose from the many different flooring widths, types, and finishes. We work with unfinished floors, providing a range of quality finishes and the extra option of elegant inlays and borders. We also offer a choice of major pre-finished brands for the installation of your hardwood floors. Whatever you’re looking for, we guarantee you’ll find the right color, style, hardness, finish, and price for your flooring project.


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Brazilian Teak Flooring

Are you considering Brazilian teak flooring for your home? Also known as Cumaru Brazilian teak, tonka, and tonka bean, this exotic hardwood is sought after for its superior strength, durability, and sophisticated red-brown tones.


Strong enough to withstand extreme wear and tear

Cumaru Brazilian teak is extremely strong. With a Janka Hardness rating of 3540 scale, Brazilian teak is nearly as hard as Brazilian walnut, and much harder than red oak or santos mahogany. This makes it ideal for heavy traffic areas of your home, as well as for commercial spaces which still need visual appeal, such as gallery spaces.


Gorgeous colors

Cumaru Brazilian teak flooring offers a stunning earthy palette, which is similar to that of domestic teak. The colors range from champagne and honey, through to a deep mahogany, all of which add a timeless beauty to any home.


Options to suit every space and budget

We offer premium quality Brazilian teak in both solid hardwood and engineered wood flooring products. On unfinished floors, we provide a range of quality finishes. Oil-based finishes can deepen and richen the brown hues, while water-based products preserve and showcase the wood’s natural beauty. Additionally, lacquer can restore oil-based finishes.


You might also want to consider highlighting your Brazilian teak flooring with sections of lighter wood, or using Brazilian teak for dramatic inlays and borders.We also offer a choice of major pre-finished Brazilian teak flooring products.


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At A & N Flooring, we have been installing exotic and domestic hardwood flooring for more than 35 years, and we bring our leading experience and expertise to every flooring project. Whether you are a home owner, interior decorator, architect, or property manager, we pride ourselves on our straightforward working relationships and outstanding level of workmanship.


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Hard Maple Flooring

Are you considering hard maple flooring for your home? Maple flooring is the premier choice both for contemporary spaces and high traffic areas, thanks to its light-reflecting honey tones and impressive durability.


The chic flooring choice

Maple’s warm yellow finish and subtle grain pattern make it an ideal complement for any modern decor. It has a natural brightness which makes rooms of all sizes feel more open and spacious, and it works perfectly with your existing maple wood furniture.


Hard enough for any dance floor

Maple is so durable that it is the traditional material of choice for dance floors. Its resistance to dancing dents and scratches also makes hard maple flooring an excellent choice for high traffic areas, such as hallways, foyers, and rumpus rooms. However, it’s important to remember that maple is less resistant to heat and humidity than other flooring materials, so is best avoided in damp or humid environments.


Available in many pre-finished options

Pre-finished maple hardwood comes in a wide range of hues, and it is the best option if you are seeking a very specific color or tone. The unusual grain pattern in natural maple can vary widely, making it hard to match newer portions of hard maple flooring with older sections.


Speak to the experts at A&N Flooring

At A&N Flooring, we have the experience and expertise to help you choose the best hard maple flooring product for your home or commercial space. We have been installing hardwood floors for more than 35 years, and we have an in-depth understanding of all 50 wood floor species currently on the market. Whatever you’re looking for, we guarantee you’ll find the right color, style, hardness, finish, and price for your flooring project. When it comes to installation, we guarantee the highest level of professionalism and workmanship, from the start to the finish of every job.



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