Tigerwood Flooring

Want to know more about Tigerwood flooring? This extremely durable exotic hardwood is characterized by its dramatic and beautiful tiger-like stripes.

Vibrant colour scheme

Tigerwood gets its name from the eye-catching grain pattern, which resembles the markings of the jungle feline. Irregular streaks of brownish black make a bold statement against a color palette ranging from burnt orange to deep mahogany. Tigerwood adds an opulent look to any room, and it can be accented by bold furnishing designs and earthy materials such as metal, wood, and leather.

Long-lasting and easy to maintain

Witha rating of 1850 on the Janka hardness scale, Tigerwoodis one of the hardest exotic hardwoods. This makes your tigerwood flooring highly durable. It seldom splinters, and it provides excellent resistance to wear and tear. Tigerwood is also fine textured and easy to clean and polish. Over time, your tigerwood floor will darken, and the contrast between the stripes and background becomes more subtle. Tigerwood is ideal for living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and even showers, as it air dries well, is naturally resistant to rot and decay, and wont attract mold or fungus growth.

Talk to us about tigerwood

The team at A&N Flooring has been installing tigerwood flooring and other exotic hardwood floors for more than 35 years, and we call on our experience to deliver the very best results for every flooring project. Whether you are an architect, interior designer, or property developer, we can help you exactly find the right color, style, hardness, finish, and price for your flooring needs. Then when it comes to installation, we guarantee the highest level of professionalism and workmanship, from the start to the finish of every job.



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Wenge Flooring

Would you like the dramatic accents of wenge flooring in your home? This topical hardwood is characterized by it bold, dark chocolate color, superior strength and hardness, and striking grain patterns.

Perfect for borders and dramatic floors

The dramatic dark chocolate colors of Wenge timber make it ideal for contrasting parquet borders and color borders, as well as for high-end contemporary rooms with clean lines and white furniture. Wenge ages very quickly, becoming darker and extremely uniform in color within a matter of months.

Wenge has a coarse texture and heavy, straight grain patterns that are similar to red oak. This means the direction of the grain is an important visual feature to consider when choosing your wenge flooring. The wenge grain can be chosen for a either straight, uniform look, or in a mixed pattern, which can be sawn for a flower effect.

Much harder than domestic floors

Wenge flooring has a Janka hardness rating of 1630, making it very stable, long-lasting, and resistant to damage and traffic. Wenge is ideal for hallways, foyers, and other highly-populated and high-traffic areas of the home.


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At A & N Flooring, we have been installing exotic hardwood floors such as Wenge for more than 35 years. This means we have the knowledge, skills, and experience to deliver the very best results for your Wenge flooring project.

Whether you are a home owner, interior decorator, architect, or property manager, we pride ourselves on the excellent relationships we build with our clients, as well as our premier level of craftmanship. Whatever you’re looking for, we guarantee you’ll find the right color, style, hardness, finish, and price for your flooring project.


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Wood Flooring, Sanding and Refinishing

Are you in need of wood flooring, sanding, and refinishing? A & N Flooring offers expert sanding and refinishing to refresh old and worn hardwood floors, preserving their value and beauty. We can also help you achieve a fresh, new look with a new finish.

If you are unsure whether your floors needs sanding and refinishing, try sprinkling a few drops of water on the floorboards.  If the water sinks in straight away, then it might be time to call us for a sanding and refinish. Alternatively, you may want to change the appearance of your floors as part of an larger style overhaul in your home.

When you choose the expert A & N Flooring crew for wood flooring sanding and refinishing, we will first sand your floors to remove old stain, level the floorboards, and expose the wood grain. We will then coat your floor with a durable, water-resistant surface finish that requires minimal maintenance.

Surface finishes are blends of synthetic resins such as urethanes or polyurethanes, and they remain on the surface of the wood to form a protective coating. There are several types of surface finishes available: water-based, oil-based, acid-cured, and moisture-cured.

Water-based finishes appear clear and will resist turning yellow over time. They have a mild odor when applied, and will dry in about two to three hours. Water-based finishes are very durable, and they are a popular choice for wood flooring sanding and refinishing.

Oil-based finishes appear amber in color. They have a moderate odor when applied, and will dry in about eight hours. Oil-based finishes are very durable.

Acid-cured finishes appear clear to slightly amber. They have a strong odor when applied, and will dry in about two to three hours. Acid-cured finishes are extremely durable.

Moisture-cured finishes appear clear to amber. They have a strong odor when applied, and will dry in about two to three hours in humid conditions. Moisture-cured finishes are extremely durable and more moisture-resistant than other surface finishes.

A & N Flooring is a small, family-owned business which has built a reputation for excellent, reliable, and affordable service for over 35 years. For a free consultation on your wood flooring, sanding, and refinishing project, please contact us today

Pine Flooring

The expert team at A & N Flooring has been installing high-quality pine flooring for more than 35 years.

All about pine

Pine is a popular flooring material, sought after for its rustic charm, huge variety of styles, and relative affordability. It’s the original character wood, with pin holes and knots that become more interesting and pronounced over time. Pine is a soft wood, although there is a huge range of hardness levels across the different species. While there are more than 200 species of pine trees, not all of them have wood that is hard enough for flooring. The following are some of the most popular types of pine flooring.

Heart pine

Heart pine floors are made exclusively from a pine tree’s heartwood, or its darkest and hardest wood. As many of today’s pines are no longer old enough to have developed heartwood, much heart pine is reclaimed or recycled wood from trees which were standing when colonialists landed in the 1600s. However, pine flooring can also be made made from the heartwood of younger southern yellow pines.


Heart pine floors are far more resistant to damage and fluctuations in temperature and humidity levels than pine floors made from sap. They are a reddish gold color, and are usually protected with a clear topcoat, rather than being stained. Heart pine flooring lasts for generations, and over time, it develops a rich color tarnish that adds to its historic character.


Eastern white pine

Eastern white pine trees grow along our eastern seaboard, and their wood was the main flooring material of our first settlers. This time-honored wood features a smooth grain and charming knots, and it suits a wide range of finishes. While eastern white pine is a softer floor that is more susceptible to wear, it is also very long-lasting. Eastern white pine floors have graced New England homes for more than 300 years, and in your home, eastern white pine flooring will compress, harden, and gain character as you live on it.

Southern yellow pine

This type of flooring is popular for its durability, affordable price, and character. Southern yellow pine is approximately twice as hard as Eastern white pine, and ranges in color from deep red-brown to golden, amber, and cream. Its wide grain showcases the natural knots and swirls of the pine wood.

Vertical grain pine


Vertical grain pine is cut so the growth rings are perpendicular to the wear surface. This makes vertical grain pine flooring stronger and less vulnerable to damage, making it a good choice for high-traffic areas and commercial spaces. It also has very few if any knots, so may be more suitable for formal settings. Due to the more complicated production process, vertical grain pine is considerably more expensive than other types.

Reclaimed and antique pine flooring

Reclaimed or antique pine floors are made from pine wood of all species, that has either been recovered or preserved by nature. From 200-year-old pines found on a river bed, to the old planks of a 19th century cow barn, these recycled pine materials imbue your home with an authentic early American feel.

To speak to us about the best pine flooring for your project, please contact us today!

Wood Flooring Repairs in Williamsburg

For the best wood flooring repairs in Williamsburg, visit our trusted and experienced team at A & N Flooring. We have been repairing and restoring hard wood floors for more than 35 years, and we are committed to the highest level of craftmanship.

While wooden flooring is extremely durable, even the strongest hardwood floors will begin to show signs of wear and tear over time. You may have noticed small splits or cracks, or the seasonal shrinking and expansion of the wood may have left large gaps between the planks. Your floor may have buckled, which means the boards have arched up from their subfloor beneath.

If your home has been affected by summer humidity, you may need wood flooring repairs to correct cupping or washboarding, where the edges of the planks lift up and the center of the board sinks down. We also perform wood flooring repairs in Williamsburgto correct hardwood flooring which is sinking. Also known as warping, sinking is usually an indicator of a serious moisture problem in the home.

Whatever your flooring issue, we have the qualifications and experience to help. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, commitment to quality, and eye for detail, from the start to the finish of every flooring job. Unlike other companies which employ different sub-contractors, we are a single, tight-knit, and highly trained crew who shares a passion for a job well done.

When you visit A & N Flooring for wood flooring repairs in Williamsburg, you can relax in the knowledge that you are in expert hands. We achieve consistently excellent results for every customer, whether you are a custom builder, remodeler, real estate firm, management company, architect, interior designer, or private home owner.

If you need wood flooring repairs, calls us for a free phone or on-site estimate. The price of each job will depend on the type of floors you have and the nature and extent of the damage. Once we’ve assessed the project, we can give you an idea of how much it will cost and how long it will take.

Please contact us to get an estimate for your wood flooring repairs in Williamsburg today!  


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