Teak Flooring

Are you considering teak flooring for your home? This very dense and durable exotic woodis water and insect resistant, making it an ideal flooring material for kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor decks. The same resins which act as natural protection and repellent also give teak its distinctive shine and finish.


As one of the densest woods, teak is well-equippedto withstand the test of time and the heavy use of children and pets. It is highly resistant to scratches, chipping, dents, splintering, and animal claw marks.

Water and insect resistant

The natural resins in teak flooring make it water-resistant, and so it is an obvious choice for saunas, bathrooms, kitchens, and boats. Teak’s oils also protect it from insects, so you don’t need to worry about termites or other insects destroying your teak wood.

A natural luster

Because teak retains its natural oils, you can save money by leaving it untreated and letting it age naturally.Additionally, teak doesn’t splinter, so you can skip the sanding as well as the finish or varnish.

Sustainable teak

A deciduous tree native to Southeast Asia, teak is now commercially farmed throughout the tropics. We provide sustainably farmed and reclaimed teak flooring products which are certified by the Forestry Stewardship Counsel (FSC).

Looking after your teak

Teak loses its oils and needs to be re-oiled every two to three years to maintain its shine and color, as well as its resistance to water and insects.

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